Welcome (Back) to The Writer’s Toolbox!

Hello friends,

You may remember my old blog, Writer’s Toolbox, which later became known as Words on Words. The blog began when a friend who found value in my ramblings had given me space on his site to begin posting my blogs.

And post I did! I posted on a variety of writing topics, from comma use to effective word choices. My target audience was the everyday non-academic simply looking to improve written communication skills, but who might also be looking to see matters like grammar and punctuation demystified and made applicable. Writer’s Toolbox did just that. Friends were reading–and learning.

But things soon changed for me . . . and for Writer’s Toolbox. A few months after beginning Writer’s Toolbox, I found myself teaching at a new college, living in a new city, and embracing many new patterns in my life, all of which made me very busy. I put Writer’s Toolbox on the shelf, for a time.

That time is over. As I have continued to teach, I have continued to develop more material for the blog. I have decided to step out on my own by creating my own WordPress account so that I can have full control over the blog, the format, the postings, and such other technical matters.

I want to emphasize that I am not stepping out on my own due to any hard feelings. In fact, I want to thank my friend, Will Nesbitt, who gave me my start–and who encouraged me to begin posting this blog in the first place. Will, your encouragement and kindness have made all the difference. Thank you.

To express further gratitude, I would like to share a word (or two) about my friend. Mr. Nesbitt is a realtor in the Northern Virginia area. He owns Nesbitt Realty, LLC, and he has had a hand (or two) in many other successful projects, from real estate to publishing.

Click the link below to learn more about Mr. Nesbitt and his many endeavors.


Welcome to The Writer’s Toolbox! Topics covered include comma use, advanced punctuation techniques, writing strategy, word choices, and others still. Stay tuned!



Christopher Altman is passionate about bringing the art of effective writing to Christopher Altmaneveryday Americans. In addition to writing this blog, Mr. Altman produces and hosts The Writer’s Toolbox Podcast, and he is currently developing a number of book projects that examine the role of language in popular media and everyday life. His book, Myths We Learned in Grade School English, explores how adult writers can overcome the false writing rules learned in childhood. When he is not writing or teaching, Mr. Altman enjoys grilling out and savoring the mild summers of Central New York, where he is a professor of English at Onondaga Community College (Syracuse, NY).